Nice 9lb 10oz Zander off the Severn yesterday. 02 28-02-2016 2 9lb 10oz Z Severn nr Avon Mouth  (2) - cropped

A lot of Zander and Pike this month to report but mostly small ! But with the three best predator specimens being Zander off the tidal Lower  Severn, plus a 32lb 1oz pike. The very large Zander to a client, and new PB, is an impressive fish in mint condition. The screenshot on the right is what a large Zander looks like on our Humminbird Onix 10 SI side imaging sonar. Amazing image, you can even see her fins and tail !

2 15lb 4oz Marks Z - Feb 2016 1 cropped - anon02 13-02-2016 Z super fish image Day with Mark (7)








             My contribution was a nice 9lb 2oz Zander, big, but not really big enough.9lb 2oz Z Feb 2016 1 cropped

Client John Chester also had a 32lb 1oz pike from Chew, after we had found the fish in a bay, enabling him to put a bait on its head. And catch her.02 02-02-2016 32lb 1oz John Chester Chew 2nd Feb 2016


Completed my pike 20lb+ records and have now published on FaceBook photos of virtually all the fish caught since I started piking. Just now have 3 x 20s where I need to get the negatives digitised so they can be published. Catches total 69 over 20lb+, including 46 pike between 20-25lb, 19 fish between 25-30lb and finally 4 over 30lb topping out at 32lb. My first 20 was 28lb 4oz caught in 1978 when I was 19, with my last big pike a 28lb 8oz fish caught in November from Chew. Unless the weather improves dramatically and the rivers come into condition I doubt that I will add to this total soon, in which case it will be my time on Chew this February that provides the best opportunity of getting over the 70 mark as well as also potentially beating my PB again. But then on Chew everything is possible as it is the UKs best pike water indeed if it is not Europes best water.

Look at the Photos tab on


A nice Hampshire river chalkstream guided 21lb 2oz pike for client Dr John Chester.  12308570_901104523330274_828831226034633175_nDue to the floods a few schoolie Zander were caught from the Severn but nothing much else over what was a very wet month !



The month started well with Martyn Cattermole catching a lovely 28lb 8oz pike from Chew Valley reservoir in Somerset. A video of the capture by The Pikester is on YouTube here.

28lb 8oz text - 800px





October produced two 21s from Chew and a 32lb pike, and Zander to 10lb+ and pike to 22lb off the River Severn. Friends had fish as well. A video by The Pikester of the capture of one of the 21lb pike from Chew is here.

1 32lb 0oz Martyn PB Cropped1 21LB 10OZ IMG_1700 (3)21lb 0oz 13th Oct 2015 (3)






As well as pike to double figures off the Severn and Zander to 8lb+ Martyn had a 28lb 15oz pike from Llandegfedd Reservoir.

Deggie - 28lb 15oz small


Over the summer Martyn was catching barbel to 12lb+ off the River Loddon in Berkshire.

1 11lb 14oz River Loddon IMG_4371

JULY 2015



Rainbow Trout from Chew


APRIL 2015

I had a day on Chew in the BLAC lure competition partnered with Heath and with my knowledge of Chew and my very advanced Hummingbird Onix 10 SI sonar we fortunately found some big pike. Heath got a 28lb 3oz new personal best out of the day so was very pleased!

Heath 12-13lb BLAC 11174270_10153363663054893_8276601176446121572_o

13lb Pike

Heath 28lb 3oz 11169775_10153363662959893_8185264588080249883_o

28lb 3oz Pike


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