29lb 2oz Chew Fly Hollow Brook Cropped

Fly caught 29lb 2oz pike from Chew Valley lake in 2008.

On a day out with Wye Valley Adventures we will help you catch pike from the rivers, lakes, reservoirs and canals we fish across the South West and South Wales. We can tailor Adventure Days to provide exactly what you want. If you want numbers of fish, then no problem. If you want fewer but larger fish, again no problem, and we will show you effective approaches to take. We will teach location skills, effective rigs and safe handling. We will provide all tackle and bait although have no objections to you bringing your own gear if it is adequate.  Fishing can be on bank or boat, depending on your requirements and weather conditions. Methods used will include bait, lures and fly fishing depending on the season. We can provide tuition on boat fishing, river fishing and catching big pike at long range on stillwaters and reservoirs.

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